Hong Kong male escort

Here is a list of frequently asked questions regarding my male escort services in Hong Kong. Should you have others, feel free to inquire directly by phone, text or email.

Where can we meet ?

I mostly travel to hotels, and sometimes in private places. If unsure, I will be happy to recommend the best suited place to your wishes, whether it is a cosy room, a cafe or a nice restaurant.

What is the best way to make a booking for my male escort services in HK?

You may contact me via Whatsapp or wechat texts. Calls are even better, as a voice contact allows to establish a first great and less impersonal contact.

Do you travel outside of Hong Kong for your male escort services?

I am based in Hong Kong but I travel quite often to other countries. Should you require my services in another location, we can always make a special arrangement accordingly.

Can I express all my fantasies freely ?

All women have fantasies, and sometimes don’t dare expressing them, let alone making them come true…

My world is ruled by your sexual wishes & I will encourage you to open up,  being your intimate confident if wished.

Fulfilling fantasies is my line of duty, and I’ll be flattered to lead you and show you how to best proceed in order to make your most unspoken desires come true.

I’m worried about privacy / discretion ?

Discretion is golden in my line of work. As you have noticed, I do not show my face online for confidentiality purposes. The same discretion rules applies to my client, and I will ensure an absolute privacy. What happens between us will stay behind closed doors…

I am apprehensive of taking the step to meet a male escort in HK. Is it normal ?

First time apprehension is common before a first meeting. Keeping that in mind, my job is to make you feel relaxed and ensure that you get in the maximum level of comfort during our first meeting, so you can focus on your pleasure and enjoy your time to the fullest.

Do you entertain couples ?

Yes, as a multi skilled male companion in HK I play with couples on a regular basis, during hot threesomes, hotwives scenarios, or cuckolding fantasies. I am straight and don’t interact with fellow males sexually, but playing along isn’t a problem for me, on the contrary !

What is your donation ?

My donation is to be discussed privately.